Monday, April 18, 2011

What Is Juggalohio?

Juggalohio is a webseries/sitcom written and created by Tony Hartman & Dave Biscella.

The story centers on Kyle Graves, an everyday 20-something, as he tries to find a balance in his life between his professional office job and his pot selling juggalo roommates. Business issues at home come at an awful time as he deals with a new boss at work while also trying to win over a female co-worker.

The story started being created in June of 2010 and started filming in March of 2011. The first episode debuted on April 20, 2011 (4/20), and ended it's seven episode first season in late June.

Kyle Graves - Tony Hartman
Buddy - Dave Biscella
Megan - Meredith Borling
Carter Harris - Bill Hartman
Schitzo - Erik Cribley
Nachos - Ric Panning
Devon - Todd Corcoran
Linda - Cortney Dague
Corey - Chris Fafalios
Louie The Pizza Guy - Justin Will
Random Homie - John Hansel
Girl - Elizabeth Magallanes

Created by Tony Hartman & Dave Biscella

Directed by Tony Hartman

Written by Tony Hartman & Dave Biscella

Director of Photography, AD, Cinematography: John Hansel

Editing and Postproduction: Tony Hartman & John Hansel

Audio/Best Boys: Kyle Hartman, Todd Corcoran, Ledion Isufaj

Makeup: Elizabeth Magallanes

Theme Song by Nick "Nightbeast" Testa

Opening Title Animation by James Cole

Featuring music by Punchline, Blue Of Colors, Chris Fafalios, MC Coffinride, The Composure, BSTMSTR & Nightbeast

Special Thanks to Dave Smeltzer, Big Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope

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